Creature of Comfort, absolutely!

Kashwére Spa at Home - Right-Arm Chaise

Kashwére Spa at Home - Right-Arm Chaise

I had the opportunity to go on an incredible vacation this summer; I spent a week at Miraval’s Tuscon, Arizona Location. A week at a Spa is a real eye-opener to the truth of how little people can relax and unwind in today’s age of fast and faster. Despite daily massages and pool lounging I never felt more comfortable than when I was waiting patiently for my next Spa treatment. At Miraval, they have a sealed off “quiet room” that has gorgeous views of the Catalina Mountain Range. Inside there are dozens of lounge chairs and soft blankets and pillows to cuddle up with. They also have assorted teas depending on your mood and magazines to keep you occupied. When I was in there everyday no matter what I told myself to the contrary I would undoubtedly pass out and have to be awaken by multiple staff. What was the secret to this relaxation? Perhaps in equal parts: the tea, the soft music playing, and the stunning views all helped seduce me into a coma. But the one thing that I knew I had to take home with me was the soft lounge chair and the blanket. With the help from the lovely Ladies at the front desk, I found the secret to relaxation: Kashwére. Specifically the Spa-at-Home Right or Left Arm Chaise.

I highly recommend the poly-fill instead of the down-fill for the furniture. You also must add on a throw and/or a fluffy pillow. Life is too short to deny oneself the simple pleasures life has to offer! For complete details on pricing and shipping please email: Or visit their website here

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