Marc Jacobs Daydream Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs Daydream Shoulder Bag

I have a sad, sad addiction. Yes, of course I love the finer things in life. I love buying the best. The Best coffee, the Best shampoo and conditioner, the Best jeans that I can get my hands on. Before you look appalled at my lack of economic frugality, I am a bargain shopper in many areas as well. I don’t mind buying whatever generic products that I need at Wal-mart or shopping for t-shirts at Target. But when it comes to things that matter most to me, I will pass on lower quality items all day long, no matter how good the price is. One of those things is purses. Bags are one of my favorite eye candy piece to buy. I can drop such incredible sums of money on this that it would make some people nauseated. My husband may scratch his head and remind me that it is just a bag, and I’ll shoot right back, it’s not just a bag dear.

One bag that I have fallen in love with on sight was the Marc Jacobs Daydream shoulder bag. The color drew me in and then the style and leather kept me. It fit just right over my shoulder and draped beautifully. I was in a room surrounded by every designer purse I could imagine and this was the one making me giddy. Unfortunately at the time my wonderful husband had just purchased a Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano for me, and even though I don’t mind buying expensive bags, I must do so sparingly. So I let it pass, but I am still thinking of it. Right now, Saks Fifth is sold out online, but they can probably track one down for you if you call. They have done this before for me in the past. If you don’t have a color preference Net-a-Porter also carries this bag in a smokey brown. Eluxury carries a smaller shoulder-clutch of this as well as the larger tote-style version. Don’t cry at the price but $1,295.00 is the dent to bring it home with you. Like I said, sparingly is a good idea when getting into designer bags. 


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