Mammoth Great Dane Dog Bed

For all of those Great Dane-owners out there, what does your precious puppy sleep on every night? Maybe you happen to squeeze four normal-sized dog beds together to make one big enough for your dog? Or do you share your bed? Or did you just decide to give him his own bed? 🙂

My Great Dane, Doogle, slept on a round futon mattress for the first four years with an adequate supply of every single blanket in the house for extra cushion and comfort. just a little spoiled. Did I mention that one of those blankets is a down blanket? Ahem, moving on…

Because of recent developments I knew that my dog bed just wasn’t cutting it for my Doogle. I mean, Great Danes sleep literally 18 hours a day, the man knows comfort and his bed just wasn’t it anymore. I stumbled upon Mammoth, a manufacturer of all shapes and sizes of dog beds. They even have a nice little feature that lets you find the best bed for your dog breed! They offer two sizes recommended for a Great Dane. The Extra Large size ($119.00) accommodates breeds up to 200 lbs and is 55” by 42” in size. Of course that’s plenty even for most Great Danes, but my pup would want a bed that wasn’t just the right size but that had plenty of extra space to stretch out. I opted for the Extra Extra Large Dog Bed that is over 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. Sure it takes up half the bedroom, but I haven’t seen my dog so happy since the day he discovered a couch.

The bed is composed of a removable giant inner pillow that sits in a separate cushioned ring for added support. Basically it’s one giant pillow that you might even want to sleep on occasionally. The entire bed is encased in a very durable canvas material, but comes in a wide range of colors, and denim and microfiber are available too. The whole bed, cover and pillows, is machine-washable and dryer safe. The covers are easily removed with a velcro seal, and I would know because I just tried it.

Overall, the bed is incredibly cushioned (the filling is made from a non-clumping, hypo-allergenic, high memory virgin industrial fiber fill, which offers orthopedic and long-lasting qualities). Ta-da! You can purchase the Mammoth Extra Extra Large Dog Bed for $199.99, which is a bargain since the bed will be bigger than your own mattress. The love we have for our dogs…

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One Response to “Mammoth Great Dane Dog Bed”

  1. Cherie Brantner Says:

    Thank you for posting this information. I have been trying to find something for my Great Dane Rocky, this is wonderful. Priced right compared to other inadequate sizes I’ve seen on the internet.

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