Adriana Castro Large Meissa Hobo

I love the look of ostrich. Sometimes it freaks me out, but other times the leather looks so supple and exotic and I just want a bag made purely out of the stuff to touch and feel and carry around with me everywhere. Weird? no, just lust! Adriana Castro has a beautiful line of bags, I currently am in love with her wallets and belts as well. She’s young (in her twenties), grew up on her father’s crocodile farm, and basically was born to design these gorgeous bags. Her crocodile bags are absolutely stunning too, but this ostrich bag looks so soft and smooshy I would choose this in a heartbeat. You can purchase through Adriana Castro online for $2,800 on a normal day, but she is currently having a 20% off discount going on her website. If you love Bagsnob (as you should!) you can get a 30% discount thanks to Bagsnobs Tina and Kelly by typing in “ACBAGSNOB” as the promotional code through Sunday, October 19. So this pretty bag is actually $1960. Yes that is a good price for very good quality ostrich 🙂 and it also helps the economy!


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