In Search for the Perfect Laptop Bag #2

Vaja Slim Messenger

Vaja makes gorgeous leather cases and other accessories. High-quality Argentinian leather with exceptional craftsmanship makes me drool to own one. I think this might be the laptop bag for me. One of my favorite features that they offer is custom bags, especially for Apple owners. Choose the bag that’s right for you depending on your laptop and then you can choose from a variety of color combinations to make that bag your bag through Vaja Choice. Sure the price isn’t something you would find in a bargain-bin, but you are paying for quality here. I’m a bag girl remember? Quality over quantity. Plus, wouldn’t you prefer a reinforced bottom on your bag just in case you dropped it? I’m a klutz, I need it. Vaja offers that and more. Some of the designs seem to be streamlined more towards my husband rather than me, but with the different color choices you can customize it to be more feminine. Or whatever you want! For bags, prices start around $200 and go up up up from there depending on style. They also offer a wide variety of accessories (customizable also yay!) and shhh…I really think my Ipod Touch would look great in this.


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