Ugg Classic Tall Boots in Grey

Oh Uggs, how I love thee. Yes, some people think the fad is over, but I honestly don’t think that critics have actually slipped on a pair of these fleece-lined boots. They are the epitome of divine! I love them. I have two pairs including the ones above that I pre-ordered when it was still 90 degrees outside. Meant to be worn sockless, they keep your toes oh so toasty and even keep your feet temp regulated since the fleece naturally wicks away moisture, so these boots are perfect up to 80 degrees. Thanks to the super cool fur you probably will never wear a pair of socks for a very long time. I think I only have two pairs of socks myself and those are used for working out. Anyway, when you get a chance try these on! I know the classic style runs a size larger (i.e. if you are an 8/8.5 buy a 7). They do stretch out too so make sure you do not get your normal size. All the uggs I have purchased (I also bought a pair of their mocassins 🙂 ) I bought from the wonderful Zappos. Free shipping (usually free overnight if you order during the week) and no sales-tax, and they also include detailed reviews from other buyers as well as size guides so you would already know to go a size down when buying these. Don’t let your little toes go cold any longer, buy through Zappos for $164.


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