Doogle gets to come home tonight, hopefully!

Doogle when he was just a few weeks old

Great Danes are the best dogs in the world. Or maybe MY dog is the best dog in the world and he just happens to be a Great Dane. Either way, Doogle is amazing. He won a biggest dog contest 2 years ago in our town and he is on a first name basis with Lowe’s and Home Depot staff. He is simply a well-loved dog, with a big heart. He also has recovered extremely well after his emergency surgery for Bloat. Our Emergency Vet Clinic, River, is absolutely amazing. I wished that they had a general practice for animals, but alas they only handle emergencies. My dog is alive today because of them. and I am one Happy Camper. and my little puppy (all 150 lbs of him 😉 ) will be too as soon as he gets home and into his own giant pillow that he calls a bed. We love this dog beyond reason and I just had to express our happiness that he survived a very critical emergency. 😀

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