Bottega Veneta Travel Case

If I had extra moo-lah to spend on designer luggage, I think I wouldn’t mind getting this for those long weekend getaways. I’m not rolling in it to afford private planes, so obvious designer luggage is a no-go for commercial flights. You don’t want people recognizing your expensive luggage when you’re traveling the world, it’s dangerous and makes you vulnerable. Plus you wouldn’t want your suitcase getting thrashed around in the cargo area. But this suitcase would be perfect because it’s a carry-on size so you would never have to check it (phew, and save yourself the $15 fee) and inconspicuous. I would personally feel like I was a travelling princess with this wheeling behind me, but either way, it’s Bottega Veneta. On the same level as Hermes. Those brands are what make luxury luxurious. You can’t go wrong, and this little suitcase is on sale at Bluefly right now, so even better! You can purchase here for $3,320. That is after the 20% discount.

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