Chanel Classic Tote

Chanel Classic Tote


I love Chanel handbags, I do not like the price. I doubt this will change any time soon. I had wished that my mom or grandmother had a birkin or a classic flap to pass down to me, but they didn’t, which means they were much wiser than I would be with money. But if I were to invest in Chanel, now or later, I would love as an everyday bag, the classic Chanel tote pictured above. Sure, I would love to pass down a lambskin flap to my daughter one day, but I’m selfish, we’re talking about my needs here. This would make a gorgeous work bag, but I would pair this with jeans and heels too. It’s sexy, but understated and that’s how luxury should be. You must inquire at your nearest boutique or call their customer service (800)550.0005. I would definitely say $2,000 or more. But this is Chanel. So there ya go.

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One Response to “Chanel Classic Tote”

  1. Nelly Simon Says:

    $2000? Dream on. I would say it is in the region of at least AUD5500 onwards. But you are absolutely right, this bag is Gorgeous and truly understated luxury!

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