Maxfield Parrish Artwork

Artwork is a fun hobby that my husband and I both share. I even dabble in it from time to time, but I also like collecting pieces that I fall in love with.  I grew up surrounded by Maxfield Parrish prints and coffee-table books all over my house growing up, my mother loved his work. His paintings are mesmerizing. Whether they are landscapes or his Fairy Tale pieces, I just love the colors and the depth. You can purchase his prints through


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2 Responses to “Maxfield Parrish Artwork”

  1. rachete Says:

    It nice that you have each other and art.

  2. littledingman Says:

    I figured it is better to collect art work and have a mix of both our personalities than to collect Porcelain figurines. Taking up space on a wall is better than clutter in the house. 🙂

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