Rum and Coke

Credit: Richard Detrich's Boquete

Oh yes. The classic: Rum and Coke. When I’m outrageously stressed out after a week of work or needing to just kick back and relax, this is my signature drink. I pass up on martinis, margaritas, gin and tonic (yuck!), and whatever else they have out there and choose this sweetness every time. I actually haven’t tried a lime with it yet and someone else recommended using 7-up or Sprite instead of the usual suspect. I prefer dark spiced rum though over Bacardi, so maybe I’ll stick with Coke for now and toss in the lime instead. I actually bought organic spiced rum at my favorite grocery store a few weeks ago, since they didn’t carry Captain Morgan’s and that stuff rocked my world. I’ll know better for next time to stick with my tried and true Capt’ns. When mixed correctly (i.e. someone other than me) this drink is so smooth and sweet with the little hint of spice that I can’t help but be happy after just one. And if you make me a double, I might just take you home with me or think that I’m a professional comedian and tell you stories that you already heard three times before. Captain Morgan’s is less than 20 bucks for a nice-sized bottle if I can remember correctly, and unless Coca-Cola rivals gas prices I say that’s still affordable as well. So next Saturday night, get your BFF to make you a glass, hop in the jacuzzi, grab a book, and relax. If you don’t have someone to make it and risk overdoing it, use this recipe: 1.5 oz of Rum, 5 oz of Coke, 2/3 cup highball cup of ice, stir and serve! You’ll be the happiest person in the room. 😉


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2 Responses to “Rum and Coke”

  1. vonrum Says:

    Sounds great, try it with Goslings Black Seal rum sometime with an extra squeeze of lime. Mountains of flavor.
    Enjoyed the blog.
    Von Rum

  2. richarddetrich Says:

    But I “borrowed” it!

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