True Blood


True Blood debuted last month on HBO. I had been anxiously waiting for this TV series to finally come out after the writer’s strike, and now that it has, I am on my couch every Sunday night with husband, dog, and hot cup of tea in hand. I am an avid fan of Charlaine Harris, whose Southern Vampire Series is what inspired Alan Ball to convert it to television. If you love murder-mysteries, humor mixed in with the darker side, and a little bit of romance, True Blood has taken what I loved about the books to a whole new level. Not that the HBO series is exactly like the books, you would enjoy reading the first novel Dead until Dark by Harris while watching this first season of True Blood. Each chapter coincides with an episode, and although there are a few changes, it will help shine light on future episodes and plots (shhhh.) It is going to be one crazy ride. Call your cable service, add HBO, and tune in tonight at 9 pm (EST) and let me know what you think. Maybe even pick up one of Charlaine Harris’ books while you’re at it.

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2 Responses to “True Blood”

  1. Barbara Says:

    It is a great show and series. It helps a little since I’m a Moonlight fan as well.

  2. littledingman Says:

    Haven’t watched Moonlight, but I couldn’t resist True Blood once I knew that it was based on Charlaine Harris’ work. I love Sookie!

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