Balenciaga Amethyst Pink City

Oh Balenciaga. It took me months, months! To realize the genius of gorgeous distressed leather handbags that are lighter than a feather. The simplicity is astounding, but there ya go. The only problem I have is some of the titles of their colors. Amethyst? I don’t think I have ever seen a Malibu pink Amethyst. Mine are all purple. But that’s okay, I can forgive and forget. The second problem I have is that this color as well as several other city colors are unavailable on their website. That makes me grumpy, since I don’t live right down the street from Barney’s. Oh well, I can admire from afar, you can contact Balenciaga through their website to see if any of their Fall colors are still available, otherwise you must get up and go check out the stores. You can admire this bag though on their website and possibly buy for $1,295.


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