Coach Classic Stewardess Bag

If you are going to do Coach, please bypass all the logo canvas and get a piece of their affordable Classic leather line. Yes, they do still have their classics surprisingly. I have been looking for a saddle bag that’s not gigantic, has soft tan leather that I can just beat around and abuse. Make it look like I found it in a vintage shop instead of online. That was what Coach used to be, old school. Yes, I know I do buy other monogram canvas for outrageous prices, I’m a hypocrite, but at least I’m not buying Coach monogram! Trend of all trends. Another thing, have you seen some of the prices they have on their newer bags? I actually liked one leather bag and almost passed out over the $1,000 price tag! 😯 Stick with the classics, because they only get better with age, and won’t look so last season. You can buy through Coach for $298. Breath of fresh air if you ask me.


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One Response to “Coach Classic Stewardess Bag”

  1. kaaba Says:

    I agree!! It’s the best Coach bag, IMO!

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