Chanel Timeless Clutch

If you are only going to buy one clutch this lifetime, or maybe two, the Chanel Timeless Clutch should be on your list. I really don’t do clutches and I don’t go to black-tie events very often. Unfortunately though, I can’t stand a cheap evening bag even if I only use it once a year. But that’s why you should buy one really nice one that will go with everything. That way every time you do go out dressed to the nines, you look fabulous! Even if people remembered you wearing that same clutch last year, it’s not a faux-pas. Hello! We are talking about Chanel here. So, invest in a classic clutch or upgrade to one of their classic flaps for your formal wardrobe. You will feel like a movie star, which is the whole purpose of dressing up right? Inquire through Chanel at 800.550.0005. Their customer service is extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend going to the store for the buyer’s experience however if you live close. The exhilarating feeling of walking out with a Chanel bag will be all the sweeter. To see more details go to

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One Response to “Chanel Timeless Clutch”

  1. Linda Macchi Says:

    really cute clutch

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