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Sablesoft Blanket by Berkshire Blanket

October 19, 2008

I love these blankets! They are so soft and cozy that I sleep with one every night. I even wrap myself in one like a burrito when I have to take my dog out early in the *freezing cold* mornings. They are 100% polyester, machine-washable, but they feel like mink and cashmere combined. I think I have about five as we speak, since every time I go to Bed, Bath they always seem to have them right in the middle of the aisle on sale. I cannot resist, so I go in for a nick-nack and come out with 2 new blankets when I already have 3 other ones at home. LOL. But they are awesome, toss them on the bed,  the couch, the dog, wherever! You can be cuddling up with one in no time too, just pick your color(s). Buy through Bed Bath for $49.99 for twin size. Throw size is available as well as full, queen, and king.

Maxfield Parrish Artwork

October 17, 2008

Artwork is a fun hobby that my husband and I both share. I even dabble in it from time to time, but I also like collecting pieces that I fall in love with.  I grew up surrounded by Maxfield Parrish prints and coffee-table books all over my house growing up, my mother loved his work. His paintings are mesmerizing. Whether they are landscapes or his Fairy Tale pieces, I just love the colors and the depth. You can purchase his prints through

All-Clad Master Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan

October 16, 2008

When looking for a frying pan, do not go cheap in a weak attempt to save money. You can ignore my advice, and buy Folger’s Coffee, or cheap handbags (gasp!), but do not buy a cheap frying pan! Even if you don’t cook, that is the only thing you will use almost all the time. Sure you can heat up Raman and Kraft macaroni in a normal pot, so no need for you to splurge there. But on those weekend mornings you will want a perfect over-easy egg that doesn’t stick…there is only one solution. Dun dun duunn: All-Clad. We made the mistake and went with Calphalon “non-stick” and it didn’t work out so well. I am by no means a professional chef, but I’m not that bad! That wasn’t even that cheap either. So the husband and I returned that pan, sucked it up, and upgraded to All-Clad, the one and only. I highly recommend getting a good size one, because you can always cook smaller things on it, but it’s hard to cook a lot of food on a smaller pan, KWIM? So get at least a 12 inch. Bed, Bath, and Beyond currently has the 14-inch non-stick pan available, and you will not regret it. It really is non-stick. Make sure to hand wash (trust me, clean up is easy, since All-Clad actually works!).  Purchase All-Clad Master Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan for $154.99.

Kick-Ass® Safes

October 15, 2008

This isn’t the best week for my family. Our Great Dane almost died, but he has recovered thankfully! and…our house was robbed yesterday. Yep. I’m probably going to stop recommending handbags now because the *#&@# stole all of my jewelry. I’m not a big jewelry person, but what I did have was 1. Real 2. Expensive 3. Heirloom

So basically I feel like I let down my ancestors for losing irreplaceable belongings that were worth, when added all together, quite a bit of money. I’m really missing our Ipod Touch and our digital camera too, but luckily those are easy to come by. The one thing that I regret not having is a Kick-Ass® Safe. I’m looking for one that shocks robbers like a taser gun if they get anywhere near things that do NOT belong to them. Do I sound a little angry? perhaps upset? Well I have gone through a lot this week and I hope that my situation helps other people. Even if you do not have jewelry, you do have important documents, like passports, birth certificates, tax returns, etc. There are things that must be protected and what better way then a big metal box that bolts to the wall or the ground that only you can get into? That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I have rounded up a couple that seem to fit the bill.

First up is Sentry Safe. This baby is 2-hour fire, water, and drop resistant. There are certain limitations, but this safe seems nearly perfect. You can mount it to the floor, they do make wall mounted as well and a variety of others. Whatever you specifically need, whether it is what you need protected or how you need to protect it, Sentry Safe will have it. You can purchase the one above for less than $500 at their retailers.

Next, we have Mesa Safes. Certified two-hour fire protection, it is also drop resistant. It can be bolted to the floor and weighs 280 lbs for their smallest model in their Bulgary/Fire Protection Category. When I get my mind on something, I mean business. This one will run a little over $1,000 depending on retailer, which you can find at their website. You can also upgrade to their High-Security Edition for a few hundred dollars more. 

I will have to research Security Systems next, but having a safe safe is a practical security measure that everyone should at least think about owning. It is something that can be pretty cheap to have that would save you from a lot of heartache in the future.

Bodum® Chambord Double Wall Insulated 8-Cup Coffee Press

October 14, 2008

Can you smell that? hmm…Morning coffee is wonderful, but French Press Coffee is fantastic. The French Press above probably looks complicated, but the process is actually quite simple and so worth it. It’s super easy to use: I throw in some of my favorite fresh roasted coffee beans into the grinder as I heat filtered, cold water over the stove. As soon as the water starts boiling, I pour the coffee grinds into the bottom of the press and pour the hot water over it and then cover it with the lid but do not press yet. After three minutes or so I take a plastic spoon and stir the coffee, and then press it gently until the coffee is fully pressed. Ta-da! Pour your coffee into your favorite Halloween pumpkin mug (it was on sale!) and add cream and sugar as needed. It is by far the best coffee I have ever tasted, and if you splurge on a nicer grinder, like the Breville® Conical Burr Grinder for $99.99, you can choose the setting for how fine you want the coffee grinds as well as how strong you want your coffee. They recommend a coarser grind for French press coffee. So why waste your precious morning wake-up with a cheap coffee maker? Life is too short. You can buy both the grinder and the press through Bed Bath and Beyond. The French Press that is shown above is $79.99. We have both and couldn’t be 🙂 ier. Plus-side is that the entire thing is machine-washable, clean up is nada! They also offer cheaper presses if you don’t want to go all out.

Candles make a Home

October 8, 2008
Homespun Holidays Harvest Hearth Candle

Homespun Holidays Harvest Hearth Candle by Gold Canyon

Fall gets my vote for best season. It’s only fault is that it is too short. Just when our Tennessee weather gets just right (for me that’s about 60/65 degrees) it suddenly drops down to the forties and fifties and I have to wait a whole year for that one week of glorious, perfect fall weather all over again.

Another thing that I love about fall is that this is the time of year when I stock up on all of my candles for my home. Why would I buy a years worth of candles in the fall you wonder? My favorite candle company, Gold Canyon Candle, has the absolute best scents in their Fall/Winter catalog. Can you smell these titles: Gingerbread house, Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, Apple Spice, Cozy Christmas, Mulled Harvest…I could go on.

They do offer year-round scents, but I’m too lazy that I prefer to just order in bulk once a year to replenish my stock. You can request a catalog or view their online catalog from their website as well as place orders, but Gold Canyon Candle operates mainly through demonstrators. My mother has a friend that is so the first time I was able to go to a “candle party” I smelled every single scent the company had to offer right there (yes I did get a head ache but these candles are so worth it). You really only have to do this once to get to know which scents are your favorite. Whenever the company comes out with new flavors, either the title or the description is detailed enough or sometimes they will place scent samples in the catalog for you to scratch and sniff to make up your mind.

Through their website you can also find demonstrators in your area that you can order through or host a party to get some sweet discounts. If you have some like-minded friends that love candles, what better way to save money and have a nice get-together.

Their prices are comparable to other candle companies, but there are a few things that separate this company from the others. Their candles have double wicks instead of a single so the candle actually burns more evenly instead of ending up with a big wax hole in the middle like other candles. Isn’t a candle supposed to burn all the wax evenly on top instead of just a portion? Well Gold Canyon fixed this. You will also notice that when people come to visit you at your house they will actually smell the candles. Have you ever been candle shopping and a candle just smells divine when you stick your nose in the jar, but come to find out later when you have lit the candle for 4 hours you still can’t smell it from 2 feet away? Well Gold Canyon fixed this too. I’m not exactly sure how they did it, but they did. I usually will place 2-3 candles at strategic points when I’m in a candle mood, and my entire house ends up smelling like I’ve been baking cookies and pumpkin pies all day long, when in fact I just lit my candles for 20 minutes.

So don’t waste your money on candles that can’t even project a scent outside of a one foot radius and get on the Gold Canyon band wagon. I have tried almost all of theirs, from Aroma Gold to their Bella and Heritage Collection. I am partial to the Baking Line. What can I say, I have a slight sweet tooth. Let me know what you think.