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What is almost as good as a Great Dane?

October 17, 2008

Great Dane on canvas, duh!

I found DJ Rogers, an artist from California who loves painting dogs (and sometimes cats) in watercolor. I have never bought a piece of Great Dane artwork before, but I have never seen one that I would want on my wall until this piece, titled “Black Great Dane” popped up in front of me. I just can’t decide if I want it on canvas or archival-quality paper. You can purchase through the Artist’s website or Ebay store.

This one also caught my eye, “Great Dane Sunset”Paintings are supposed to make you happy or peaceful, or at least mine do.

Maxfield Parrish Artwork

October 17, 2008

Artwork is a fun hobby that my husband and I both share. I even dabble in it from time to time, but I also like collecting pieces that I fall in love with.  I grew up surrounded by Maxfield Parrish prints and coffee-table books all over my house growing up, my mother loved his work. His paintings are mesmerizing. Whether they are landscapes or his Fairy Tale pieces, I just love the colors and the depth. You can purchase his prints through