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All-Clad Master Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan

October 16, 2008

When looking for a frying pan, do not go cheap in a weak attempt to save money. You can ignore my advice, and buy Folger’s Coffee, or cheap handbags (gasp!), but do not buy a cheap frying pan! Even if you don’t cook, that is the only thing you will use almost all the time. Sure you can heat up Raman and Kraft macaroni in a normal pot, so no need for you to splurge there. But on those weekend mornings you will want a perfect over-easy egg that doesn’t stick…there is only one solution. Dun dun duunn: All-Clad. We made the mistake and went with Calphalon “non-stick” and it didn’t work out so well. I am by no means a professional chef, but I’m not that bad! That wasn’t even that cheap either. So the husband and I returned that pan, sucked it up, and upgraded to All-Clad, the one and only. I highly recommend getting a good size one, because you can always cook smaller things on it, but it’s hard to cook a lot of food on a smaller pan, KWIM? So get at least a 12 inch. Bed, Bath, and Beyond currently has the 14-inch non-stick pan available, and you will not regret it. It really is non-stick. Make sure to hand wash (trust me, clean up is easy, since All-Clad actually works!).  Purchase All-Clad Master Chef Non-Stick Frying Pan for $154.99.