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Candles make a Home

October 8, 2008
Homespun Holidays Harvest Hearth Candle

Homespun Holidays Harvest Hearth Candle by Gold Canyon

Fall gets my vote for best season. It’s only fault is that it is too short. Just when our Tennessee weather gets just right (for me that’s about 60/65 degrees) it suddenly drops down to the forties and fifties and I have to wait a whole year for that one week of glorious, perfect fall weather all over again.

Another thing that I love about fall is that this is the time of year when I stock up on all of my candles for my home. Why would I buy a years worth of candles in the fall you wonder? My favorite candle company, Gold Canyon Candle, has the absolute best scents in their Fall/Winter catalog. Can you smell these titles: Gingerbread house, Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, Apple Spice, Cozy Christmas, Mulled Harvest…I could go on.

They do offer year-round scents, but I’m too lazy that I prefer to just order in bulk once a year to replenish my stock. You can request a catalog or view their online catalog from their website as well as place orders, but Gold Canyon Candle operates mainly through demonstrators. My mother has a friend that is so the first time I was able to go to a “candle party” I smelled every single scent the company had to offer right there (yes I did get a head ache but these candles are so worth it). You really only have to do this once to get to know which scents are your favorite. Whenever the company comes out with new flavors, either the title or the description is detailed enough or sometimes they will place scent samples in the catalog for you to scratch and sniff to make up your mind.

Through their website you can also find demonstrators in your area that you can order through or host a party to get some sweet discounts. If you have some like-minded friends that love candles, what better way to save money and have a nice get-together.

Their prices are comparable to other candle companies, but there are a few things that separate this company from the others. Their candles have double wicks instead of a single so the candle actually burns more evenly instead of ending up with a big wax hole in the middle like other candles. Isn’t a candle supposed to burn all the wax evenly on top instead of just a portion? Well Gold Canyon fixed this. You will also notice that when people come to visit you at your house they will actually smell the candles. Have you ever been candle shopping and a candle just smells divine when you stick your nose in the jar, but come to find out later when you have lit the candle for 4 hours you still can’t smell it from 2 feet away? Well Gold Canyon fixed this too. I’m not exactly sure how they did it, but they did. I usually will place 2-3 candles at strategic points when I’m in a candle mood, and my entire house ends up smelling like I’ve been baking cookies and pumpkin pies all day long, when in fact I just lit my candles for 20 minutes.

So don’t waste your money on candles that can’t even project a scent outside of a one foot radius and get on the Gold Canyon band wagon. I have tried almost all of theirs, from Aroma Gold to their Bella and Heritage Collection. I am partial to the Baking Line. What can I say, I have a slight sweet tooth. Let me know what you think.