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Louis Vuitton Mahina L

October 13, 2008

If you were to buy one bag from Louis Vuitton, I would recommend this one, the Mahina, which comes in 4 sizes: XS, L, XL, and XXL. The XS is actually styled differently than the other three, being more of a messenger rather than a shoulder/tote bag. Any style or size though, the Mahina is the winner in LV’s overflowing line of bags. I think one monogram canvas is a must too, but if you already got that one in your closet this is the next best one to add to your collection. Perforated Calf leather shows the LV logo, but it is so subtle that you won’t be as branded as another of their bags. I love how much the bags can hold and how it is absolutely the smooshiest bag that you would own. It’s elegant and casual, but casual style always needs a pick-me-up and this bag does just that. Classy would be the first word that slips from my mind. Like the Classic flap from Chanel or Hermes’ birkin. Some might disagree, but I really do think in today’s “it” bags, the Mahina is it. You can purchase through Eluxury for $2,740 for the L size and comes in a variety of colors.