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Top 5 Wallets to Buy for your Boyfriend

October 15, 2008

I have the pickiest hubby in the WORLD. Not his fault, it’s mine because I married him by choice, not force. This picky husband needs a new wallet and I love my husband and think he deserves the best. So, through my research and his specific needs I found 3 things that every guy needs in their wallet. 1) They need lots and lots of credit card slots. Even if you are still in college and have one debit card, one day you will have a girlfriend and will need a credit card or multiple ones. 2) It needs to be as slim as possible. Most guys put their wallets in their back pocket and it can’t be too comfortable if you are sitting lopsided because of your 6-inch thick money holder. 3) It needs to be stylin’! This wallet has to function for work, play, and those “nice dinner” dates. And when it comes time to pay the check (because you will have to pay the check!) you better whip out something snazzy. impressive, and luxurious, but still tough enough to sit next to your sweaty right butt cheek all day long. Sooooo, here’s my top 5 men’s wallets for the style-conscious connoisseur, otherwise called manly man.

The Güs Horizontal Wallet

This wallet is damn near perfect. It contains 6 credit card slots. I would put that as the minimum number, but it’s still plenty of room. It also has two side pockets underneath the credit card slots, which gives you even extra room for storage. 8 mm thick. You know how thin that is? Hand-crafted in Italy, this wallet is designed for the man’s man that appreciates aesthetics. The red stitching is unique as well as the split shot perforation (if you think that’s too much, the black can come with or without it). Güs is after my own heart. Or my husband’s. And plus it’s not logo-y, the quality speaks for itself. You can buy through their website for $145. They also have other styles that are based on the same premise.

Burberry Classic Check Wallet

8 credit card slots, parfait! This Burberry wallet is pretty slim for a designer wallet. The outside check pattern is coated to protect it from wear and tear and pays homage to Burberry’s signature look, but it is not overdone. My Hubby loved this wallet, but preferred the graphite/gray color that is not available on this particular style. Otherwise, the Italian leather on the inside is divine and hits my top three priorities in a wallet. Yay Burberry. You can purchase through Saks for $250.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Ten-Card Billfold

I love Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, but a little goes a long way. So a men’s wallet is perfect to carry around without being too loud. and LV only makes this one wallet that is nearly perfect to a man’s needs. It has TEN credit card slots. It’s a whopper, but those credit card slots are absolutely necessary. They even have 2 extra pockets for  receipts, condoms, whatever. Plus, Louis Vuitton is rockin’, you don’t see too many guys carrying it, and I know from personal experience that this material is nearly indestructible. Definitely the most durable and waterproof wallet you will find on the designer market that looks good all at the same time. So put away your duct-tape wallet and buy through Eluxury for $370.

April in Paris Custom Men's Wallet

April in Paris was founded by a lovely artisan that used to work for Hermès. So you know she knows a thing or two about leather and how to make the good stuff. If you go to her website she offers custom colors and leather to make the wallet of your dreams. You can choose between calf leather and alligator, but let’s pretend you are a cheap mo-fo and go for the calf leather. The wallet will set you back $650. But you get to choose the outside and inside color of the leather. It comes with six card slots, but what the wallet lacks in the storage department it more than makes up for in style. This would be one hot wallet, and custom options are always a nice perk. You can make your own custom wallet here for $650 for calf leather and $1,150 for the alligator. You would be kickin’ it.

Bottega Noce Fume Men's Wallet

Bottega Veneta Noce Fume Wallet

This is the wallet to end all wallets. I have seen high-end department stores with their exotic wallets, and to be honest they looked cheesy and cheap to me. I hate when they take gorgeous skin and make it look and feel like plastic. Not exactly the look I’m going for. Bottega Veneta is a superior leather goods company that makes classic, gorgeous handbags. Luckily for the men they make drool-worthy wallets too. Made from soft Noce crocodile, this BV wallet has 8 credit card slots. Are you still with me? It is to die for! The skin looks so rich, and even the inside leather is outstanding. Of course you would expect that coming from this fashion house and unfortunately it comes with a price. You can purchase through Bottega Veneta online for $920. But this wallet will last you years and if you have the dough to burn, put it towards this hot mess of a wallet. Life is too short to carry around your ten-year old velcro monstrosity when this beauty exists in the world. 🙂