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Sablesoft Blanket by Berkshire Blanket

October 19, 2008

I love these blankets! They are so soft and cozy that I sleep with one every night. I even wrap myself in one like a burrito when I have to take my dog out early in the *freezing cold* mornings. They are 100% polyester, machine-washable, but they feel like mink and cashmere combined. I think I have about five as we speak, since every time I go to Bed, Bath they always seem to have them right in the middle of the aisle on sale. I cannot resist, so I go in for a nick-nack and come out with 2 new blankets when I already have 3 other ones at home. LOL. But they are awesome, toss them on the bed,  the couch, the dog, wherever! You can be cuddling up with one in no time too, just pick your color(s). Buy through Bed Bath for $49.99 for twin size. Throw size is available as well as full, queen, and king.