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Kick-Ass® Safes

October 15, 2008

This isn’t the best week for my family. Our Great Dane almost died, but he has recovered thankfully! and…our house was robbed yesterday. Yep. I’m probably going to stop recommending handbags now because the *#&@# stole all of my jewelry. I’m not a big jewelry person, but what I did have was 1. Real 2. Expensive 3. Heirloom

So basically I feel like I let down my ancestors for losing irreplaceable belongings that were worth, when added all together, quite a bit of money. I’m really missing our Ipod Touch and our digital camera too, but luckily those are easy to come by. The one thing that I regret not having is a Kick-Ass® Safe. I’m looking for one that shocks robbers like a taser gun if they get anywhere near things that do NOT belong to them. Do I sound a little angry? perhaps upset? Well I have gone through a lot this week and I hope that my situation helps other people. Even if you do not have jewelry, you do have important documents, like passports, birth certificates, tax returns, etc. There are things that must be protected and what better way then a big metal box that bolts to the wall or the ground that only you can get into? That’s exactly what I’m looking for and I have rounded up a couple that seem to fit the bill.

First up is Sentry Safe. This baby is 2-hour fire, water, and drop resistant. There are certain limitations, but this safe seems nearly perfect. You can mount it to the floor, they do make wall mounted as well and a variety of others. Whatever you specifically need, whether it is what you need protected or how you need to protect it, Sentry Safe will have it. You can purchase the one above for less than $500 at their retailers.

Next, we have Mesa Safes. Certified two-hour fire protection, it is also drop resistant. It can be bolted to the floor and weighs 280 lbs for their smallest model in their Bulgary/Fire Protection Category. When I get my mind on something, I mean business. This one will run a little over $1,000 depending on retailer, which you can find at their website. You can also upgrade to their High-Security Edition for a few hundred dollars more. 

I will have to research Security Systems next, but having a safe safe is a practical security measure that everyone should at least think about owning. It is something that can be pretty cheap to have that would save you from a lot of heartache in the future.